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Retaining a Culture of Ongoing Quality Improvement

Ontario’s long-term care sector has committed to a culture of ongoing quality improvement.

Through the five year Residents First program, Health Quality Ontario (HQO) has supported an impressive set of highly engaged partners across the province to strengthen the sector’s capacity for ongoing improvement. This partner led initiative has focused on raising the quality of life for Ontario’s long-term care residents to be comparable with the best in the world.

Quality improvement (QI) knowledge and tools have been shared with and remain easily accessible to long-term care leaders and front line staff, to sustain, build upon improvements already achieved, and spread knowledge to others. Materials from the Residents First program are accessible in the following ways:

Training Materials, Tools, Resources & Change Packages

Visit Quality Compass, HQO’s comprehensive searchable online tool, for evidence-based best practices, indicators, measurement guidance and supporting tools – including a section dedicated to long-term care. This suite of resources will support you in achieving your quality improvement goals.

For more information on quality improvement supports for long-term care, visit http://www.hqontario.ca/quality-improvement/long-term-care.