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Connecting with our Francophone population

Just over three per cent of the people who live in the Central Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) – about 56,000 people – are considered Francophone under the new provincial definition.

Central LHIN is committed to engaging with our Francophone community in order to identify needs and promote culturally appropriate programs and services, and to receive input into our priorities.

Building relationships through engagement helps us to understand the needs of our Francophone population, and enables ongoing dialogue around how to achieve a shared vision for French language services in Central LHIN.

French language service capabilities in our LHIN

Three health service providers in Central LHIN are identified to provide programs and services in French:

Enhancing access to French language services

Central LHIN works with our health service providers to plan and implement Francophone engagement strategies that improve relationships and enhance linguistically sensitive programs and services.

We encourage collaboration across our health sectors to expand access to French language health services. Central LHIN is also working to increase the availability of key documents and other information in French.

New French language planning entities

Ontario has given the province’s Francophone community more input into the planning and integration of French language health services in local communities.

Six French language planning entities in regions across the province were created through a new regulation under the Local Health System Integration Act 2006.

The planning entities provide advice to the LHINs on the health needs and priorities of the Francophone population, as well as methods of engagement, strategies to improve access, integration and accessibility of services, and identification and designation of health service providers.

Central LHIN, along with Central East and North Simcoe Muskoka LHINs, works with the Centre South-West French-Language Health Planning Entity #4. 

Acts that guide French language services

Two pieces of legislation guide French language services in Ontario:

  • French Language Services Act, 1986 – which addresses individuals’ rights to communicate and receive services in French from Government of Ontario ministries and designated agencies.
  • Local Health System Integration Act, 2006  – which provides LHINs with the authority to plan, integrate, coordinate and fund their local health system. This act places significant decision-making power at the community level, and focuses health planning on local needs.
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