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Local Health Integration Network/Health Service Provider Governance Resource and Toolkit for Voluntary Integration Initiatives


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Information for our Health Service Providers

Welcome, health service providers. In this section you will find links to information and resources that we hope support you in working with us to collaboratively and positively impact the health system, and to continue providing safe, equitable and high quality care and services to everyone who lives, works and receives services in our LHIN.

Reallocation Process

The Central LHIN is pleased to provide the fiscal 2012/13 Reallocation Process. This process utilizes the cross-LHIN Priority Setting Decision Making Framework to evaluate proposals. Please review the documents below prior to submitting funding requests.

LHIN Priority Setting & Decision Making Framework Toolkit

Central LHIN Reallocation Process 

Health Services Integration Fund (HSIF)

Eligible recipients for HSIF projects include First Nations health organizations and communities which deliver health services, Tribal Councils, provincial governments and regional and local health authorities.

The fundamental intent of HSIF is to build multi-party partnerships between First Nations communities/organizations, provincial ministries/agencies and Health Canada through multi-year projects aimed at advancing the integration of health services that are better suited to the health needs of First Nations.

For full details and the objective of this funding opportunity, please click here or read the frequently asked questions.

Guidelines for Health Service Provider Audits and Reviews

The Ministry has developed two guidelines to help LHINs identify and respond to issues concerning the organizational and financial health of its health service providers.  Copies of these guidelines are provided below:

Guidelines for Community Health Service Providers 

Guidelines for Hospitals 

For more information for health service providers, please see the links below...