May 3, 2018 

Recently, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care announced the awarding of 5,000 new long-term care (LTC) beds that will be built across the province by 2022. The new beds will help reduce wait times for individuals in crisis and those waiting in hospital for discharge to long-term care homes. We are very pleased that the Central LHIN received 636 LTC beds as part of the Ministry’s Phase one allocation.

Building on the strategies outlined in Aging with Confidence: Ontario’s Action Plan for Seniors (2017), the Ministry issued a Call for Applications for 5,000 new LTC beds in February 2018. The Central LHIN received 20 applications comprising of 2,664 LTC beds.

As part of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care phase one LTC bed allocations, the Central LHIN was allocated 636 beds broken down as follows:

  • Mon Sheong Stouffville Long-Term Care: 320 beds (Eastern York Region)
  • Schlegel Villages – Richmond Hill: 192 beds (Western York Region)
  • Arch Long Term Care – Kleinburg: 124 beds (Western York Region)

The allocation of the new LTC beds under Aging with Confidence is subject to the approval of the application, and the project fulfilling all applicable requirements and conditions. The three LTC operators have also been approved to move forward with the Stage 2 review process.

The Central LHIN worked closely with LTC operators to ensure that the demand for LTC beds pressures in our region, particularly in Eastern York Region and Western York Region were recognized during the application process. We are extremely pleased that the Ministry recognizes the needs in our region and has allocated 636 of the phase one beds to the Central LHIN. We look forward to working with the Ministry and the LTC operators to open the new beds over the next several years.

If you have any questions, please contact Sandra Iafrate, Director, Home and Community Care – Placement at or 905-948-1872 ext. 4281.