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Central LHIN is geographically varied and comprises sections of northern Toronto, a portion of Etobicoke, most of York Region and South Simcoe County. As a funder, planner and manager of the local health system, Central LHIN works to identify priorities, allocate resources and plan for appropriate services to improve the health care system for everyone.

News & Events

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    Central LHIN Together we're better

    IHSP 2016-2019

    We're better together - Central LHIN is building the next Integrated Health Service Plan.

    Health Professional Advisory Committee (HPAC)

    Health Professionals Advisory Committee

    Get involved with the Health Professionals Advisory Committee (HPAC).

    Integrated Health Service Plan 2013-2016

    Integrated Health Service Plan 2013-2016

    The IHSP 2013-2016 is our strategic road map, moving us towards achieving our vision of Caring Communities – Healthier People.

    LHIN Touch with Kim Baker

    LHIN Touch

    Welcome to Kim Baker's LHIN Touch column.


    Community Engagement

    Community Engagement helps us assess local needs and plan for local health services. Find out how you can participate.

    Health Services in Central LHIN

    Health Services in Central LHIN

    Find health related services, information and resources in the Central LHIN geography with