Palliative Care

Palliative Care

Central LHIN is working with both our funded and non-funded health service providers to find new ways to strengthen palliative care for patients in our communities and to support more patients through the end of life period in their preferred locations.

We are focused on implementing an equitable, efficient, sustainable and person-centred model for hospice palliative care and are in the process of implementing a Central LHIN Hospice Palliative Care Action Plan that  will determine how services are provided locally and for the longer term. The future model includes centralized, standardized and consistent elements that support integrated and coordinated care delivery by providers working in local communities.

The LHIN’s Regional Hospice Palliative Care Program Council developed and submitted their recommendations for regional palliative care to the Central LHIN at the end of July 2014. Their recommendations form the basis of the Action and Implementation Plan which was approved by Central LHIN’s Board of Directors on October 28, 2014.

Through a phased-in approach, six action items will be implemented based on the recommendations proposed by the Regional Hospice Palliative Care Program Council, in alignment with the system goals as written in the  Declaration of Partnership and Commitment to Action:

  1. Central Point of Access  for Palliative Care including system access, a resource and bed registry and system navigation
  2. Single number for Crisis and Related Protocols, including protocol development and implementation
  3. Strengthen generalist and specialist capacity through education and standardized tools for providers in all care settings, including primary care
  4. Implement service delivery hubs aligned with the Health Links regions
  5. Implement Patient experience surveys in all settings
  6. Strengthen LTC capacity to deliver Hospice Palliative Care according to the Declaration through crisis support, education and linkage to the hubs

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