Minister’s Medal

Minister’s Medal Honouring Excellence in Health Quality and Safety

Central LHIN Health Care Professionals Recognized for Excellence through 2016 Minister's Medal Individual Champion Honour Roll

Kathy Bitove - Chair, Corporate Patient and Family Advisory Council, Southlake Regional Health Centre

For the past eight years, Kathy has been a volunteer at Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket. Kathy has volunteered in different departments across the hospital, including the Welcome Centre and Corporate Communications. She has had a significant role in developing Southlake’s first Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) and serving as its inaugural Chair. From the PFAC’s inception, Kathy has brought a patient-centered lens to the project. She was a contributor to the development of the PFAC charter, terms of reference, recruitment process, and evaluation tools. As the current PFAC Chair, Kathy leads a team of nine Patient Family Advisors and up to four Southlake staff and clinicians. Kathy supported the PFAC’s mandate of empowering departments across the hospital to develop their own patient advisory councils. Kathy also played a key role as Southlake worked to define its Ultimate Patient Experience. This process involved surveying more than 200 patients and family members, and 400 staff, physicians and volunteers, and holding an Ultimate Patient Experience Summit. Kathy was instrumental in defining the Ultimate Patient Experience, which also guided Southlake’s vision of delivering ‘Shockingly Excellent Experiences’ to its patients.

Jean West - Director of Mental Health, York Support Services Network

Jean West is Director for Mental Health Services at York Support Services Network with the York Region. Jean has relentlessly committed herself to leading the creation of services and programs with a focus on client needs. For the past twenty-seven years, Jean has demonstrated her leadership within the mental health landscape by successfully expanding and implementing new collaborative programs that help connect individuals with mental health or addiction issues to the services they need. Jean developed a resource manual and coordinated a regional training initiative to help those in the health and social service sectors understand and respond effectively to individuals with a developmental disability and/or a serious mental illness. Jean’s commitment to providing clients with easier access to services and reducing service wait times led the way to the development and implementation of the collaborative case management referral service, called Streamlined Access. With a single phone call or online application submission, clients are now able to access multiple mental health and addictions services and supports.

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