Sub-regions in the Central LHIN

  January 2017 

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The six sub-regions of the Central LHIN have now been approved and formalized by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. A sub-region is a smaller geographic planning region within the Central LHIN that will help planners, providers and partners to better understand and address patient needs at the local level.

Sub-region planning supports the LHIN’s goal to plan care through the eyes of the patient and provide a better patient experience that is closer to home. The concept of sub-regions is not new, and the Central LHIN has a strong and successful track record of developing targeted solutions that respond to local health care issues. What is new is that sub-regions have evolved into a more consistent, coordinated and formalized approach that will deliver an improved local patient experience.

By looking at care patterns through a smaller, more local lens, the Central LHIN will be able to better identify and respond to community needs and ensure that patients across the entire LHIN have access to the care they need, when and where they need it. This includes the needs of Francophone Ontarians, Indigenous communities, newcomers and other individuals and groups within the Central LHIN whose health care needs are unique and who often experience challenges accessing and navigating the health care system.

This planning approach will not restrict Ontarians as they make their health care decisions. Sub-regions are not an additional layer of bureaucracy - they will not be separate organizations or administrations, and will not have their own staff or boards. The Central LHIN's sub-regions were established based on existing care patterns in order to achieve a more local approach that will better serve Ontarians by ensuring that services reflect the unique needs of patients and communities.

In formalizing our sub-regions, the Central LHIN used the best available evidence – including patient referral patterns and insights gleaned from local engagement with patients, providers and community members – to ensure that the sub-regions align with local needs. Physicians, nurses and other clinicians as well as patients, caregivers and their families will play a role in planning, priority setting and implementing the improvement activities at the Central LHIN sub-region level to ensure the needs of patients and communities are being met.

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Below is a map of the Central LHIN's six sub-regions:

Download the Central LHIN sub-region map

Central LHIN Sub-Regions Map